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Biodegradable Wooden Skewers 180mm

SKU: CD907

Perfect for use with kebabs, satays and party snacks, this pack of 200 biodegradable wooden skewers from will enhance the dining experience at any BBQ or food stall.

Made from eco-friendly betula wood, these 7" skewers are naturally stain-resistant and will absorb little moisture, which helps to prevent shrinking, swelling and warping. The wood is also extremely strong, and won't break or splinter when piercing food. After use, these biodegradable skewers will break down into the earth quickly and safely, making them a far greener alternative to traditional wooden meat skewers.

Product features

  • Dimensions 180mm (7")
  • Material Betula Wood
  • Weight 170g
  • Biodegradable material will break down into the earth quickly and safely
  • Made from renewable and sustainable betula wood
  • Naturally stain-resistant
  • Absorb very little moisture which prevents shrinking, swelling and warping
  • Perfect BBQ and party disposables
  • Ideal for kebabs, satays and other party foods
  • 200 per pack

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