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Hygiene Catering Sign Pack

SKU: L968

Maintain impeccable standards of hygiene and food safety in your kitchen. This bumper pack of catering signs features 17 self-adhesive stickers that can be placed around any commercial kitchen to remind staff of your food storage and preparation processes, helping to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

This pack includes: Food safety act; Chopping board notice; Cook chilled guideline; Now wash your hands; Sink for food wash; Sink for utensils wash; Sink for hands wash; Raw meat only; Cooked meat only; Defrosted food must not be refrozen; All foods must be covered; Waste in bins provided; Fish only; Leave basin clean; No smoking symbol; Dangerous machine warning; First aid symbol.

Product features

  • Weight 90g
  • Wide range of safety notices including temperature guidelines and general kitchen safety
  • Essential catering signs for food preparation areas
  • Highly visible
  • Self adhesive for easy fixing
  • Helps reduce the risk of cross contamination

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