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Jantex Galvanised Steel Squeegee 762mm

SKU: CF248

Deal with potentially dangerous spills instantly. This large 30" galvanised steel squeegee from Jantex features a black foam sponge blade that will wipe clean any tiled or hard floor surfaces quickly and effortlessly. It is designed to glide across the floor with ease, helping you remove any potential slip hazards as quickly as possible. When used with a Jantex squeegee handle (L479), you can also use it as a practical window cleaning tool.

Product features

  • Dimensions 762(W)mm
  • Material Metal and rubber
  • Weight 580g
  • Black foam sponge blade
  • Lightweight
  • Leaves surfaces free of water marks
  • Suitable for tiled flooring, hard floors and glass
  • Squeegee handle sold separately (L479)

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