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Biopak - Packaging that puts the planet first

When you're running a food business, single-use packaging can be unavoidable but we can help reduce the negative impact on the environment. As well as being manufactured in an eco-friendly way, and commercially compostable and recyclable, BioPak single-use packaging has a host of other benefits, like guilt-free convenience. Plus, single-use packaging improves sanitation and reduces the spread of infectious diseases. It also saves the water and energy required to sanitise reusable, and eliminates the need for cleaning labour.

Comprehensive and Rich Range of Biopak Food Packaging

Here is a glimpse of extensive range of biopak supplies which includes:

  • Biopak round bowl
  • Biopak takeaway base 
  • Dome shaped Lid
  • Wooden fork
  • Timber spork
  • Biopak burger box
  • Double wall biocup biopak art series
  • Biopak clear cup in different sizes
  • Single wall plain cup 
  • Paper bags
  • Jumbo biokraft straw
  • Biopak noodle box
  • Biopak clamshell
  • Biopak tray
  • Individually wrapped biopak straw
  • Dinner bionapkin
  • Biopak round plate
  • Biopak sandwich wedge
  • Biopak snack box
  • Checkout bag
  • Biocane tray
  • Beer ring holder
  • Biopak 2 ply toilet tissue roll
  • Cocktail bionapkin
  • Knife, fork, spoon and napkin set
  • Natural biocane bowl and much more. 
  • Features of Biopak Compostable Packaging

    • sustainable food packaging supplies
    • made from plants, not oil
    • wide and varied range of products
    • manufactured in an eco-friendly way
    • commercially compostable and recyclable

    Our foodservice disposables are designed and manufactured to provide an affordable, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing solution so your customers can enjoy food on the go, without any negative impact on the environment.

    Plus, with sustainability and eco-conscious living fast-gaining popularity among consumers, our sustainable packaging solutions are good for business, too.

    With a– from coffee cups and cold drink cups, to plates, bowls and trays, napkins, bags and more – so, whatever you’re serving, we’ve got an eco-friendly food packaging solution for it.

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