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Premium quality ice cream cups for sale in Australia

In need of cups or waffle cones for your gelato or ice creamery? SG Packaging stock an extensive range of waffle cones, wafer cones and ice cream cups, of all sizes. With our broad range of waffle cones and ice cream cups your customers can enjoy a treat any time. Our comprehensive range of ice cream cups are eco-friendly and recyclable. We supply biodegradable spoons which complement our sustainable approach. Our waffle cone and wafer cones are the perfect vessel to show off your gelato and ice cream flavors.

Irresistible range of our waffle cones and wafer cones Australia wide

We offer take home packs in every size, gelato ice cream tubs, gelato ice cream spoons, cold vented tubs, gelato rainbow spoons, stainless steel ice cream container tub, ice cream spatula and much more.

Our range of waffle cones and wafer cones include natural cones, flat top cones, mini cones, colored cones, gluten free cones, waffle discs, waffle baskets just to name a few.    

Where to Buy Individual Ice Cream Cups and Cones

SG Packaging online, where you can order ice cream waffle cones and cups from anywhere in Australia at affordable prices. Please browse our extensive product lines and reach out to us for any advice.

Ice Cream Cones & Packaging Supplies

Frozen desserts are everyone’s absolute favorite. But they can be difficult to carry around and take home with you. Thus, the right kind of vessels and packaging can be a great help for the customers. 

SG Packaging brings you the best ice cream cones ranging extensively from natural and flat waffle cones in regular size variations of A, B and C cones along with the mini cones, wafer cones, coloured waffle cones, gluten free cones, waffle disks, baskets and so on at affordable prices for your ice creamery. To make your frozen desserts even more take-away friendly, SG packaging provides the most innovative ice cream packaging supplies including cups, cone drip catcher, take home tubs and containers so that you can enjoy your ice cream anywhere and anytime.

Our ice cream packaging services cater to small businesses as well as large enterprises and have a well-equipped team that can handle bulk orders. We provide waffle cone holders at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Let our premium ice cream plastic cone enhance the joy of every scoop. Buy ice cream cones online and experience the convenience of hassle-free and timely delivery. Contact us today.

Gelato Spoons & Ice Cream Tubs

What is better than ice cream? A take-home ice cream! Just like any frozen dessert, the delicious ice cream tends to melt away and make an absolute mess. To save the customer from the mess and make the ice cream more take-away friendly so that it can be enjoyed anywhere, right packaging is necessary. 

We at SG packaging supply ice cream tubs among other packaging supplies of different measurements that make moving around with larger amounts of ice cream easier. Our tubs are however not made from single use plastic which is why they are eco-friendly. Made from biodegradable foam, these tubs don’t harm the environment without compromising the convenience. We also open very aesthetically pleasing assorted rainbow gelato spoons and biodegradable gelato spoons that complement our sustainable approach while letting people enjoy their ice cream and gelato wherever they want. 

What kind of packaging is used for ice cream?

For ice cream, mostly tubs, containers and cups are used based on their portion size. Tubs are used for bulk amounts. Containers are good for moderate amounts which cups usually hold a single serving. These tubs, containers and cups can be made from different materials like steel, plastic, paper and foam.

What is an ice cream container called?

Ice cream containers are called containers, tubs or cartons depending on their shape and size. The smallest ‘container’ can be called a cup.

What is the best container to store ice cream in?

The best ice cream containers to store ice cream are wide and flat. Sanitized food grade plastic containers and stainless steel container tubs are best for storing ice cream for the longest times.