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Supplier for Waffle Cones Ice Cream

Manage an ice cream or gelato bar? Our range of waffle and wafer cones are the perfect vessel to let your flavours shine! Check out our specialty products page to add some oomph to your desserts. From waffle baskets to fan wafers, our products will delight the most discerning customers.

Leading Wholesaler of Waffle Cones

If waffle cones are essential to your business, we are the right partner for you. Due to the fragile nature of waffle cones, we only use company trained delivery drivers and sensitive freight couriers to ensure your order arrives on time and in perfect condition. 

Whether you are a small business or a large distributor, we are your one-stop ice cream waffle cone suppliers offering bulk and wholesale options to meet your needs. Enjoy quality waffle ice cream cones without compromising on the quality. We are dedicated to delivering your orders timely to help your business run smoothly. Trust us for your needs! Contact us today to know more.

SG Packaging: Your Premier Waffle Cones Supplier in Sydney, Australia

SG Packaging brings you the widest range of waffle cones that can go with every and any ice cream, gelato and sorbet flavour. We are proudly one of the leading suppliers of waffle cones that are made from the finest quality ingredients across Sydney. If you work with frozen desserts and/or run an ice cream, gelato or sorbet bar where waffle cones are extensively needed, we might be the best match for you. Our range of the freshest waffle cones include cones with different tops like the classic flat top and the natural top that is rapidly becoming popular. We also supply mini flat top cones that are the perfect match for smaller portion sizes along with the regular A, B and C sized cones for different scoop serving sizes. The coloured waffle cones include green tea, red, chocolate and black waffle cones. 

We at SG Packaging take special care and preventive measures when it comes to delivering the waffle cones. We understand the fragile nature of the cones and thus aim to deliver them in absolutely perfect conditions which is why we only use company trained delivery drivers and sensitive freight couriers to ensure a better waffle cone experience for you and your business.