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Jantex Dual Bucket Mop Wringer with Frame

SKU: M880

Easily separate your clean and dirty water for the very best cleaning results. This dual bucket mop wringer from Jantex is designed with speed and ease of use in mind. Use the wringer to effortlessly strain mops of excess liquid, while keeping your fresh and used water apart. The two 23-litre buckets ensure you'll have enough water to clean large surfaces or floor areas. Even when both buckets are full, it's still easy to move the trolley thanks to four non-marking castor wheels.

Product features

  • Capacity 23 Ltr
  • Dimensions 860(H) x 410(W) x 995(D)mm
  • Material Stainless Steel & Polypropylene
  • Weight 9.4kg
  • Four non-marking castors
  • Tough stainless steel trolley
  • One bucket for clean water and one for dirty
  • Two 23-litre bucket capacities

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