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Liquid Soap and Hand Sanitiser Dispenser 1Ltr

SKU: FK385

Ensure your washrooms and toilets are equipped to meet hygiene standards with this 1Ltr Jantex liquid soap and hand sanitiser dispenser. Designed to deliver a dosage of 1.6-1.8ml, this dispenser will make sure staff and guests are using the right amount of soap or sanitiser to effectively clean their hands. This will help to minimise the spread of harmful bacteria in your premises. By delivering a controlled dosage, this dispenser will also reduce wastage - so each refill of hand soap or sanitiser will last you even longer.
The lever-free design also reduces the number of crevices in which bacteria can live. This makes it easier for staff to clean and keep this dispenser sanitary.

Suitable for use with our bulk fill liquid soap SKU : 1807A or MHS5 or HWA05

Suitable for use with our bulk fill hand sanitiser SKU : 1149B or 1141A

Product features

  • Produces a dosage of 1.6-1.8ml to ensure effective hand washing
  • Delivering a controlled dosage will also help to reduce wastage
  • Compatible with liquid soaps and hand sanitisers only
  • The reservoir is easy to refill
  • Features a lever-free design for improved hygiene
  • The dispenser can be locked for added security
  • The sleek design will blend into any commercial washroom or toilet
  • Wall fixings included

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