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WiFi Sticker

SKU: GH078

Catch the attention of potential customers by advertising that your establishment has Wi-Fi. Offering wireless internet to your customers makes it easy for them to access social media and alert their followers of your venue. If you already provide a Wi-Fi service then advertising it with a sticker is one of the easiest ways of telling your customers.

To attach to glass, simply clean the surface thoroughly with a glass cleaner and dry with a lint free cloth. Once the surface is free of any contaminants, you can remove the backing from the sticker to expose the adhesive surface and apply to the window. Please note that the adhesive is located on the printed side so that the sticker can be applied on the inside of a window and the message can be viewed outside.

Product features

  • Dimensions 148(H) x 210(W)mm
  • Offers an effective way of advertising that your establishment has Wi-Fi
  • Bold black and white contrast
  • Encourages social media use, creating better outreach for your brand
  • Attracts more customers as they know they can stay connected as they dine

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