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Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations

Covid-19 has made the use of personal protective equipment necessary and it’s been a part of routine not only in hospitals and health care units but also for individuals. Protective equipment formulated and manufactured on high health standards are safe not only for yourself but for others too. Most of the protective equipment is disposable and for only one time use but for some personal protective equipment cleaning is important such as hand sanitizer stand and hand wash containers. 

Personal Protective Equipment Offered By SG Packaging

From mask to hand sanitizer and other cleaning solutions, our comprehensive range caters to not only individuals but the people in public places, commercial areas and offices. 

Our range includes: 

  • Disposable face mask
  • Re-usable face mask
  • Counter top hand sanitiser stand
  • Viro control
  • Hand sanitiser dispenser stand
  • Automatic/ touch free sanitiser dispenser
  • Infrared forehead thermometer
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Antibacterial gym wipes
  • Non-alcohol hand sanitiser
  • Antibacterial hand wash
  • Safety signs
  • Food preparation sign pack
  • Hygiene catering sign pack
  • Plastic bottle with pump

Personal Protective Equipment in Healthcare Australia

Health laws in Australia are strict to the use of personal protective equipment and our products are best for use in residential, commercial and industrial facilities to keep your hands and surfaces clean and germs-free.  It can be used as a commercial hand sanitizer in restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, kitchen bench tops, kitchen sinks and food equipment and other public places.

As a hospital grade sanitizer it will help in cleaning medical facilities, equipment and floors.

All of our products are environment friendly and do not create any harsh impact on skin. These products help to maintain hygiene and kill germs 99.9% with the facility of providing ease in practicing hygiene.

Personal Protective Equipment Shop Near Me

You don’t need to step out of home if you want to get some personal protective equipment just browse our website or give us a call to book your order from anywhere in Australia.